The treasure of Sta. Catalina

santa catalina treasure


Santa Catalina, one of the countless Caribbean islands, snatched from the Spanish back in 1666, by the English Captain Henry Morgan, who became a pirate in 1657.

Once the captain got the power of the island, legend is told that Captain Henry Morgan hid a valuable treasure somewhere in Sta. Catalina island.

Nowadays, there have been many who ventured to find the map of the TREASURE, most perished in the attempt and the few who returned never recovered their common sense. The oldest of the place told that they were bewitched by the siren songs. Legend?

This adventure is going to be The Cursed Ship for a time, with a with a different theme and a touch of fear-mystery:

Sailors recite that a a cursed ship sails the sea, believed to be a 16th century galleon, always involved in a thick fog. All those who have been involved in it, are just able to cry and shout with passionate terror. Those who manage to leave the ship little talk that, every there one is traped there server for one purpose: feed the Evil.