The lost pharaoh

In addition to the mystery of the construction of the Great Pyramid, Keops left another enigma after his death. And that is, when archaeologists entered the tomb, they could not find the mummy in any of the three chambers of the edification.

As an explanation, several theories have been considered. One of them affirms that there is a fourth room in which the ruler's remains are found accompanied by an immeasurable treasure.

lost pharaoh

Although, the most widespread idea is that treasure hunters managed to access to the pharaoh's Chamber from the top of the pyramid and, after loosing, they usurped the tomb. Some archaeologists maintain that the mummy of Keops have been stolen by these thieves.

From that point, theories are many and it is known by experts that the great pyramid contains hidden passages, secret chambers and many traps, so we challenge you to find the Pharaoh's mummy and escape from inside the great pyramid thus revealing the enigma of Keops. You have 90 minutes to overcome this challenge.