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Sta.Catalina Treasure (Difficulty: 3 of 5)60 min.

Historia Signum

St. Catalina is one of the many Caribbean Islands, stolen to Spain back in 1666. It was stolen by the English Captain Henry Morgan, a famous pirate since 1657. According to the legend, the pirate Henry Morgan hid a valuable treasure somewhere in St. Catalina Island.ju

The lost pharaoh (Difficulty: 4 of 5) 75 min.

Historia Signum

In addition to the mystery of the Great Pyramid construction, Cheops left another enigma after his death. When archaeologists entered the tomb, they did not find the pharaoh's mummy in any of the three chambers of the building.

Planetary Station (Difficulty: 3.5 of 5)60 min

Historia Signum

Detailed reports demonstrate life evidences on an unknown planet, but the success of the mission is at serious risk. You are the only change of the European Space Agency.

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