The prize of the game is between 50 € and 70 € (VAT included) per team, it depends of the number of people that make up the team (between 2 and 6 players) and the choosen history.

In the case of a 6 players team: 60 € for The treasure of Sta. Catalina or Planetary Station game and 70 € for The lost pharaoh game.

In the case of a 5 players team: 50 € for The treasure of Sta. Catalina or Planetary Station and 60 € for The lost pharaoh game.

In the case of a 4 players team: 50 € for The treasure of Sta. Catalina or Planetary Station and 60 € for The lost pharaoh game.

In the case of a 3 players team: 45 € for The treasure of Sta. Catalina or Planetary Station and 55 € for The lost pharaoh game.

In the case of a 2 players team: 40 € for The treasure of Sta. Catalina or Planetary Station and 50 € for The lost pharaoh game.

I'm sorry, but the structure of the game and the available space in the room are designed for 6 people maximum. In the case of a larger group we offer you to build up different teams and to make different bookings so that everyone can enjoy our games. Which team is able to overcome the room in a better time?

We have two rooms In Signum, so we have a different game in each the room. Each room has a maximum capacity of 5 people (the space and design of the game can never exceed more than 5 people), so that in the same hour or session we can attend 10 people maximum.

In the case you are a large group and you want to play at the same time, (which can scape before each other?) what you need to do is to form 5 people maximum groups. Then visit our booking section in our website and have a look what sessions are available for both games. You will have to check the availability of each of the games.

In the case all of you want to play the same game (and see which team escapes in a shorter time than the other) you can do it playing in turns. In this case you have to play the same game as the other team previouly, one team at once.

Once you have verified you have available sessions for all the teams you are, you just have to continue with the booking process.

For any amplification, please contact us via mail or telephone to book your favourite session.

The game is designed to be played between 2 and 6 players and this is the suggested number. If you really want to try, book your session normally, but remember that it will be quite laborious. The price of the game will be the same as two players.

Although live escapism is a leisure activity designed for adults, you can come with your children. The minimum age to access the games is 8 years old, although the difficulty of the same has been established for over 14 years old. In this case, children would also count as members of the group (5 people maximum) and the price would remain the same (€ 50).

In the case your group is formed only by children and you want to come and play at Signum you can do it, as long as you are over 14 years old.

In the case it is a birthday celebration and children are over 8 years old and under 14 years old, they will be able to enjoy our games, always forming groups of 5 children. We offer a modality called "tutor mode" where they will be accompanied by an Scape Room manager that will join the group as a coordinator and supervisor of the challenge, helping the team, in order to enjoy the experience completely in a simplier and still mysterious and funny way. The Tutor Mode will be € 10 additional to the price of the rate.

Not at all. This game requires observation, skill, ingenuity, logic, teamwork and communication.

As you usually dress. It is not necessary that you wear any special clothing to enjoy this experience.

Sure, the room is spacious and with a good illumination. In addition, we will follow game development via webcam. In any case, there is an emergency button next to the door, which you can use if you need to leave. The rest of the team could continue with the game.

Do not worry. There is nothing in our games that scares you.

Sure, it will not be necessary to speak Spanish to play in Signum games. Preliminar instructions, the rules of the game as well as the tips that we will offer you during the game will also be available in English.

Do not worry our monitors are specially trained to help you, whenever you need it. They will help you to get out of the "bind" without revealing the solution.

You can ply with credit card or in cash at the establishment itself.

You can also pay through bank transfer or deposit. In this case, we will contact and inform you about the procedure to follow. Please note that, if you make the payment by bank transfer, we will need a margin of at least 5 days before the date you want to reserve.

In our website section give away Signum, just click on the "Buy a gift coupon" button, and go on with the instructions you can read on the screen.

Select the story, day and time you prefer, and in payment section click on the "redeem coupon" box. We will confirm your reservation by a phone call or by an email you have entered

In this case, you should phone us in order to to guarantee that we have availability and that everything is going to be ready to properly attend you. Payment will be made by card or cash payment just before the start of the game.

If you need us to invoice you, send us an email indicating the details of your booking and your tax information. We will send it to you in pdf format via mail in the shortest possible time.

If you are late to the game, you can play anyway but your playing time will be reduced and we will begin to discount time if you arrive with more than 10 minutes of delay over the booking time. In no case the booking prize will be payed back.

We are sorry, but in case of cancellation there will not be pay back.

The additional option you have is to change the reservation day to enjoy the experience.

You can modify the date and time of the reservation as long as it is made at least 72 hours before the original reservation date.

To modify your booking date you can do it with a hoone call so we will look for the best solution for you.

Sure, we would love to see you again. Although you have already participated in our 2 games, we remind you that they will not always be the same games. In the coming months we will develop different games with new tracks and mysterious enigmas that will be announced in our website in order to live again this fantastic experience. Leave us your email and we will inform you.